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Cities in Motion – Patches – aktuell

Hier findet ihr alle aktuellen Patches zu Cities in Motion.

Wenn ihr CiM bei Steam gekauft habt, müsst ihr euch normaler Weise nicht um das Patchen des Spiels kümmern, da diese automatisch heruntergeladen werden.

Wollt ihr dennoch die Patches selbst installieren, müsst ihr bei der Installation den Pfad so wählen:

[code lang=“text“ light=“true“]Pfad-zu-Steam\steamapps\common\cities in motion\[/code]


  • [download id=“15″]
  • [download id=“16″]
  • [download id=“17″]
  • [download id=“18″]
  • [download id=“19″]
  • [download id=“32″]
  • [download id=“33″]
  • [download id=“37″]

Patch v1.0.20

  • Improvement: More characters in the japanese font.
  • Fixed bug: Game may crash if elevated metro track is forcibly deleted because of timeline changes.

Patch v1.0.19

  • Improvement: Player can rename stops.
  • Improvement: Line number is shown in the box above player vehicles.
  • Improvement: Bus and tram stops can be upgraded by constructing new stop at the same place.
  • Fixed bug: Secondary viewport doesn’t move with citizens when shadows are off.
  • Fixed bug: Catchment area is not shown after disabling underground mode when creating stops.
  • Fixed bug: Info sheet in secondary view shows wrong stop expenses.

Patch v1.0.17

  • Fixed bug: Map editor deletes overlapping markers when bulldozing buildings.
  • Improvement: Better prevention of unnecessary interchanges.
  • Fixed bug: Stop numbers don’t appear in minimap.
  • Fixed bug: Translation errors.
  • Improvement: Player vehicles don’t wait too long for passengers coming to the stop.
  • Improvement: Wider audio device selection area in the settings menu.
  • Improvement: A button to toggle all lines of the same type visible or hidden.
  • Fixed bug: Vehicles sometimes load too many passengers after breaking down.

Patch v1.0.10

  • This patch eliminates a language that may appear as symbols upon installation.

Patch v1.0.11

  • Improvement: Updated FMOD to version 4.32.08
  • Improvement: Number of private cars lowered a little.
  • Improvement: UK nameset available in the map editor.
  • Fixed bug: Game crash if there is only a small water area at the edge of the map.
  • Fixed bug: Game may crash if game is exited while having area highlight visible.
  • Fixed bug: Game may crash after the player has removed a stop.
  • Fixed bug: Game crashes if player selects passenger who has just left vehicle because of a breakdown.
  • Fixed bug: Game uses 60hz instead of the selected screen frequency.
  • Fixed bug: Random tasks can select roads at the edge of the map as targets.

Patch v1.0.12

  • Traffic jams: This has been the most addressed issue in Cities in Motion. In the new patch the amount of private cars depends on the difficulty, making the easy level less likely to have so many traffic jams. The jammed cars also disappear more quickly. And in the sandbox you can even customize the amount of the private cars to your liking.
  • Economy: We realized that the fluctuating economy is a bit too sudden, so we slowed the fluctuation down a bit.
  • Press „U“: We added a shortcut to get to the underground view (nobody admits forgetting it in the first place..)
  • Fixed bug: Ticker message about a car accident is removed too quickly.
  • Fixed bug: Old pre-set buses in scenarios have wrong capacity.
  • Fixed bug: Achievement „Four corners of the earth“ can be unlocked only in sandbox mode.
  • Improvement: Some optimizations when saving game.
  • Improvement: Number of private cars depends on the difficulty setting
  • (Slider for the custom difficulty).
  • Improvement: Slower economy changes.
  • Improvement: Shortcut key for underground view (default: U).
  • Improvement: Jammed cars are removed faster.
  • Fixed bug: Stops show wrong passenger count after a line is deleted.

Patch v1.0.13

  • Fixed bug: Crash while saving game on certain configurations.
  • Fixed bug: Random crash when using tree brush in map editor.
  • Fixed bug: Tram line cannot be built through the track piece turning diagonally to a 4 lane road.
  • Fixed bug: Lines are always visible when loaded saved game.
    Patch v1.0.14
  • Improvement: Stops on the opposite sides of a road get the same name.
  • Improvement: External configuration tool (Config.exe in game install directory).
  • Fixed bug: Scenario 10 has some portraits disorganized.
  • Fixed bug: Game may crash if a stop is forcibly removed because of timeline updates.
  • Fixed bug: Map editor crashes when placing building to the corner of the map.
  • Fixed bug: Missing mouse over image in condition button in roster panel.
  • Fixed bug: Graphical errors and freezing after building ground metro station on a field.
  • Fixed bug: Crash when loading a specific saved game.